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greg_pope-150x1502Posted by Greg Pope

The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing are considered the gold standard for good practice testing and assessment. The document is produced by 3 bodies working together: the  American Educational Research Association (AERA), the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), and is widely referenced by testing and assessment professionals in the USA and internationally seeking to follow best practice. I have a copy on my bookshelf and check it frequently.
The Standards were last published in 1999 and are now going through a revision process to take account of technology, legal and assessment developments in the last decade. The committee producing the new Standards has made a  draft of the new standards and they are consulting for review and comments. You can register to see the draft standards and make comments at www.teststandards.net. There are Chapters on:

  • Validity
  • Errors of Measurement and Reliability/Precision
  • Fairness in Testing
  • Test Design and Development
  • Scores, Scales, Norms, Cut Scores, and Scores Linking
  • Test Administration, Scoring and Reporting
  • Supporting Documentation for Tests
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers
  • Test Users’ Rights and Responsibilities
  • Psychological Testing and Assessment
  • Testing in Employment and Credentialing
  • Educational Testing and Assessment
  • Uses of Testing for Policy Purposes

Documents like this benefit from the widest possible review by stakeholders. The revised Standards are likely to significantly influence the assessment world for the next decade, so if you are interested, it’s a good time to review at www.teststandards.net. The deadline for comments is April 20th, 2011.