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Posted by John Kleeman
I recently wrote about the business benefit of running certification programs, particularly in high-tech industries. Today, I’m happy to share some links to real-world examples of certification programs that use online assessments – and to explain a little about how our customers can author assessments which can be delivered in a variety of ways.
A few examples of successful online certification programs:
Annual certifications at an automotive supply company enable employees to demonstrate their knowledge of machinery, blueprints, safety practices, quality procedures and documentation. Switching to online certifications has enabled the company to replace subjective one-on-one certifications with objective tests that can be administered at conveniently located kiosks, at times that fit well with employees’ other responsibilities.
Switching from paper to the Apple iPad for delivery of observational assessments makes it possible for field trainers to watch a certification candidate demonstrate the use of a sophisticated medical device and rate his or her performance. Results are submitted  electronically for centralized processing. The observer’s comments are included along with their ratings. Field trainers no longer need to fax completed surveys to headquarters for scanning them into  people’s files.
Medical technicians who use vitro diagnostic systems must stay up to date with hematology, chemistry, hemostasis and other subjects related to screening blood samples – and they need t provide proof of their successful participation in continuing education programs. Data can be captured from post-training assessments to automatically generate certificates of participation in PDF format. This eliminates the need for printing out certificates and mailing them to each person.
Completing insurance forms is complex for anyone –and even more so for dermatologists with small practices who choose to handle this in-house. There are 800 different codes to master, and inaccurate coding can delay or negate payment.  Online certifications for dermatology coders have eliminated the costly, time consuming process of printing out printing tests, sending them to candidates and manually grading each one. Candidates can now log in to a test from home, work or elsewhere.
Organizations choose Questionmark for certification programmes for many reasons, including our collaborative browser-based Questionmark Live authoring system, multi-lingual test delivery capability, open architecture that allows easy linkage to scheduling software and our robust, secure and scalable delivery engine.
Another key reason for many is our blended delivery capability – where you author assessments once but then can deliver them on multiple devices, as shown in this diagram:

Questionmark Blended Delivery, author once and deliver to any device in context

For example, you can author an assessment and deliver it:

  • At a professional “bricks and mortar” test centre
  • At an office or training centre, with a manager or trainer overseeing
  • At a mobile test centre, for example one set up at a conference or trade show
  • At home with or without a secure browser or remote video monitoring
  • On mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • On paper, with results scanned for centralized processing