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Posted by Chloe Mendonca

Regardless of the size of a department or organization, we’re all keen to improve efficiency and when it comes to assessments — improve validity and reliability. Selecting the right assessment tool is critical. Sticking with a “good enough” solution will do more harm than good. In the short term it will hinder your productivity; in the long run it could not only mean a painful migration from one system to another, but could also cost you a fortune in compliance fines or HR disputes!

“Good enough” assessment solutions are usually fine for creating basic surveys and quizzes, but when you use assessment results to make defensible decisions about people, you need a more complete solution. So how do you distinguish a “good enough” assessment solution from a complete one?

Choosing a complete solution

As you go through the selection process, consider whether simplicity comes at the expense of security or robust functionality.We know it can be confusing to sort through the extensive number of options. And we know every company has different assessment needs. If you need to weigh up your options, this cheat sheet will highlight the limitations of a “good enough” assessment tool and explain how a complete solution will help make your job easier and your assessments more valid and reliable.

Complete assessment management platforms are designed with security, validity and reliability in mind

The cheat sheet also discusses how complete assessment management technologies trump “good enough” solutions in several areas, including:

  • Establishing content validity
  • Managing multilingual assessments
  • Maintaining an audit trail
  • Developing observational assessments
  • Minimizing cheating and content theft

It’s worth spending a good amount of time fully evaluating your options and choosing a solution that can scale with your organization. Interested in learning more about how to evaluate a complete assessment solution? Download this cheat sheet, “Are you settling for a “good enough” assessment solution?”