Test Fraud

The Test Fraud Fallacy

With data gathered from the US and UK-based L&D professionals across multiple sectors (including Finance and Education), Questionmark has unveiled the many misconceptions of test cheating currently circulating in significant numbers of modern businesses. Discover the true nature of test fraud and make use of our actionable resources to safeguard your workforce.

Boosting Retention, Recruitment and Employee Engagement in the Betting and Gaming Industry 

The next few years offer immense opportunities to gaming companies. With the online market alone predicted to be worth more than $100 billion by 2025, those businesses that can meet both the ever-growing demands of customers and constantly evolving regulatory requirements stand to achieve significant growth. In this white paper, we explore how the right skills can secure the betting and gaming industry’s bright future.

Rebuilding Confidence in the Cruise Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a lasting impact on the way in which the cruise industry needs to do business. While cruise liners are once again allowed to “set sail” it is not enough to revive the sector’s fortunes alone. This white paper explores how cruise industry employees can help shape the customer experience and give guests renewed confidence that they are safe to enjoy cruise vacations once more.

The UK Skills Crisis

The UK skills crisis is reaching a critical juncture. In this latest report, research suggests that, not only are the barriers to closing the modern skill gap numerous but that many aren’t even aware that a gap exists. Read the full report for data that reveals the true extent of the modern skill gap crisis in the UK today and how assessments might be the key.

How Common is Test Fraud

When people cheat at tests and exams, it has serious consequences. It can lead to people getting results they don’t deserve or jobs they’re not qualified for. This paper explores how common cheating and other kinds of test fraud are. It will help test-setters judge what level of security they require to deter rule breaking in their own programs.

Four Steps to Trusted Workplace Assessments

Using an analogy to medical blood tests, the paper introduces the key concepts of validity and reliability and explains why they are important. It provides four key steps to achieving validity and reliability, as well as additional resources for further reading.

Five Practical Approaches to Test Beyond Recall

This white paper explains why its important to test an employee’s understanding or application of knowledge — these cognitive skills are commonly referred to as being “above knowledge” — and explain five practical ways employers can test “above knowledge”.

Justifying the Value of a Certified Business Partner Channel

Vendors depend on their Business Partner (BP) channel to reach customers and provide solutions based on the vendor’s key products. Success depends on these partners being deeply skilled in those products. So certifying your channel is a business-smart decision. This paper covers the purpose of the BP channel, the value of certifying your channel and how to demonstrate that value.