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Posted by Joan Phaup
Saving time, money and effort while at the same time improving the quality of assessments: what’s not to like?
Since we like this idea a great deal, we’re looking forward to a webinar next week by Tom Metzler from TIBCO Software, Inc. He will be telling how the company has achieved this during a free, hour-long presentation, Using Principles of Enterprise Architecture to Build Assessments
TIBCO’s knowledge assessments  cover everything from general software development concepts to the principles of computer science architecture. The company’s fast-changing technical environment makes for volatile subject matter: a single technical product enhancement can have a significant impact on an existing item bank. Hence the need for a solid but adaptable test creation process.
Tom will share some architecture basics and explain the drivers for using them in assessment development:

  • To improve the assessment development business process
  • To improve the information provided to SMEs
  • To document business processes

He’ll also share the results of doing this:

  • Higher item quality
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • A better business process
  • More relevant information provided to SMEs
  • An enhanced, automated item-level audit trail

If you are looking for a better, more efficient way to produce assessments, please join us at 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, August 2. Click here for details and registration.
You can get more background on this subject from my interview with Tom prior to this year’s Questionmark Users Conference