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Joan Phaup HeadshotPosted by Joan Phaup
Many of our customers use online assessments to measure employees’ knowledge and understanding of regulations.
Such assessments can help promote ethics, compliance and risk mitigation, and can provide important information about culture and ethics across an entire organization. Tests, quizzes and surveys can easily reach every employee and gather information from them; they are powerful tools in the quest for compliance.
We are pleased to announce a webinar later this month on  7 Reasons to Use Online Assessments for Compliance and hope you will be able to join us for it on Wednesday, September 18th, at 11 a.m. EDT  (4 p.m. BST).
Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman and Marketing Director Brian McNamara will lead this one-hour webinar, which will explore the rationale for using online assessments in compliance, note some  examples of how they are being used effectively and offer pointers for incorporating them within a compliance program.
The presentation will also address these topics:

  • The compliance, risk management and business impact of online assessments
  • Presenting scenario-based questions that measure how employees respond to real-life situations
  • Providing feedback at the topic level to show employees where they need to improve

Go to our UK website  or our  US website for webinar details and free registration