julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

With  mobile devices such as smart phones and the Apple® iPad™  in the hands of so many Internet users, it makes sense to deliver mobile surveys, quizzes and other assessments.  This is a practical way  to give learners retrieval practice, gather their opinions or test their knowledge while they are away from their desks or laptops. Our free Web seminar, Creating Assessments for Mobile Delivery, is a good place to start figuring out how mobile assessments might work for your organization.
Here’s what you will learn about in this one-hour session:

  • using mobile delivery on its own or as part of a blended delivery strategy
  • key applications for mobile assessments, including surveys, quick quizzes, observational assessments and mobile testing “centers”
  • how these assessments work on Apple, Android and other mobile devices
  • considerations for delivering online content to a small screen

This seminar is scheduled for 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday April 27.  You can click here for details and registration.