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Sue Orchard

Posted by Julie Delazyn .

“Unprecedented interconnection.” Those are the words that Sue Orchard of Comms Multilingual, a professional translation services firm, uses to describe a world of Increasing global alliances and supply chains, in which assessments such as test, exams and certifications are administered around the world.

Last week Sue presented an excellent Questionmark web seminar about assessments translation, localization and adaptation (TLA), during which she explained the importance of carefully planning and preparing for TLA projects. She cautioned her audience about some of the pitfalls of translation – for instance the fact that a short sentence in one language can be a very long one in another – and shared some beat practice tips, too.

She also pointed out the need to consider cultural differences as well differences in language, and she lightened up the proceedings with some amusing examples of translations gone awry. We’ve put slides from this presentation, Assessment Translation, Localization and Adaptation: Expanding the Reach of your Testing Program, on our SlideShare page and embedded them below, and you will find a brief Q&A interview with Sue here.

Assessment translation, localisation and adaptation questionmark and comms multilingual webinar http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/11634762?rel=0

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