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Posted by Steve Lay

Followers of this blog may recall Brian McNamara’s post on Using SharePoint and Questionmark Together. In that post, he touched on providing participant access to their assessments using single sign-on from the SharePoint environment.

There are two ways to do this. Which you choose will depend on the way you have configured your Questionmark Perception server.  If you have installed Perception on your own servers (on-premise) and you are integrating with a SharePoint system used by your participants, then you are probably using Windows authentication with Perception already, allowing the participants to sign in using their existing Windows domain accounts.

In this video, I take you through configuring a SharePoint site to embed Perception, providing a seamless experience for participants authenticated using Windows authentication.

If you are using Perception on demand, or you can’t use Windows authentication on your server, don’t worry, the Questionmark SharePoint Portal Connector is designed for you!  But that will be the subject of my next video demonstration…