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This week’s “how to” article highlights the Survey Frequency Analysis Report, one of the many Questionmark Analytics reports now available in Questionmark OnDemand.

Last week we examined the “Class Detail” report, which provides detailed question-level course evaluation information for a single instructor for a single course. This week we’ll take a look at the “Survey Frequency Analysis Report”:

  • What it does: This report provides simple frequency information about answers participants provide for every question on a course evaluation or other type of survey.
  • Who should use it: This report can help a broad audience including learning/education/training professionals and HR survey administrators who want a quick overview of survey question responses.
  • How it looks: The report lists each question on the survey and displays a graph showing the corresponding number of participants responding to each answer option. The report also provides a number of CSV options to get the data out in user-friendly formats. So in addition to getting the frequency analysis information, you can also get the participant response information to conduct further analyses using SPSS or other analysis tools.