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Posted by John Kleeman

In a previous blog post, I explained the Brinkerhoff Success Case Method (SCM), which is a way of conducting training evaluation by finding examples of success or failure. You then do to the people who have experienced success or failure, and use these to identify the potential of a new training program. It’s particularly effective to identify early on whether a new initiative is successful and what its potential is.

A key step in the SCM is that you need to identify the participants who’ve been successful, usually via a survey. Questionmark Perception provides a great way of sending such a survey that participants can respond to quickly and easily which identifies how successful they’ve been in applying the training course in their jobs.

For example, following a training program to train someone in a new tool, you might name some possible business applications of the tool, and then ask a 4-point Likert scale question on each application, perhaps:

Have you used the training to get some specific benefit

  • Yes and had clear and concrete positive results
  • Yes but no clear results yet
  • To some extent but don’t expect any results
  • Have not applied the training in this area at all

Participants who give the first choice on a few different applications are candidates for success interviews, and candidates who answer the last two choices are candidates for failure interviews. The main purpose of the survey is to identify success and failure candidates for interview, but a secondary purpose can be to look at the overall results and see how successful overall the program has been as rated by participants.

This is an example of a Perception assessment to ask questions like this.

Pretend you are a respondent who answers it, and you’ll see whether you are a candidate for an interview. You can take it more than once by clicking on Next Assessment at the end of one attempt. Such an assessment could be delivered inside a wiki or blog posting like this, or pushed to respondents via an email link or other system.

In comparison to other methods of evaluation, the Success Case Method is very quick and inexpensive to do, and seems an interesting way of evaluating training.  And Questionmark seems a great way of delivering SCM surveys.
I’d welcome feedback from anyone who tries the Success Case Method with Questionmark software.