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As we roll out new report types using Questionmark Analytics, we are pleased to provide short how-to’s explaining their uses and features.
The Course Summary Report

  • What it does: Compares course evaluation information across courses. The course summary report has a dynamically generated table representing the summary survey scores for all topics in each course.
  • Who should use it: Useful for managers and learning/education/training professionals to gauge and compare how participants rate different courses offered within an organization.
  • How it looks: The report contains three elements:
    1. A dynamically generated table displaying the average ratings for each course in each “topic” (or group) of questions. For example, a course evaluation might group questions about “course materials” in one topic, and questions about “facilities” in another topic. The table includes data about the questions, ratings and number of responses – and is color-coded to highlight the high and low performing courses.
    2. A bar-chart that graphically compares the average aggregate ratings for each course.
    3. A bar-chart that graphically compares the average ratings by topic for each course.