This week’s “how to” article highlights one of the four Questionmark Analytics reports specific to course evaluation, now available in Questionmark OnDemand.
Last week we examined the “Instructor Summary” report, which compares average course evaluation rates for each instructor of a specific course. This week we’ll take a look at the “Class Detail Report”:

  • What it does: provides detailed question-level course evaluation information for a single instructor for a single course.
  • Who should use it: This report is ideal for managers and learning/education/training professionals desiring to analyze detailed course evaluation responses to help improve future learning experiences.
  • How it looks: Participant comments are listed if this qualitative data was captured. As with every report in Questionmark Analytics, PDF and CSV distribution formats are available.
    • The class summary report is broken down into two components:
      • Detailed item-by-item analysis of responses
      • Participant comments for each question
      • See a screenshot of the instructor summary report below the table of statistics