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Posted by Joan Phaup
Organizations that offer continuing education programs know too well the effort and cost of printing and mailing the certificates that many people rely on to provide proof of their successful participation in continuing education programs.
Beckman Coulter, Inc., which develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic systems for biomedical testing, uses Webinars and other training events to keep medical technicians up to date with hematology, chemistry, hemostasis and other subjects pertinent to screening blood samples. Like so many other organizations, the company used to print out P.A.C.E. (Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education) certificates and mail them back to each person. But what if it were possible to harvest data from post-training evaluation surveys and and automatically generate the certificates using data gathered from post-seminar assessments?
A new case study on our Web site tells how a custom solution built upon Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform has made it possible for the company to capture key information about participants and use it present each person with links to the particular certificates they require. In turn, the participants can  print and save their certificates themselves, thereby eliminating the need to print and mail certificates.
Delegates to the Questionmark Users Conference in Los Angeles March 15 -18 will have the opportunity to drill down into the workings of this solution during a  presentation by Beckman Coulter Technical Training Supervisor Frank Loforte. You can click here to see all the conference sessions.