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Posted By Doug Peterson
QR codes. They’re everywhere these days!
Questionmark staff have already written some great blogs on QR codes – Using QR Codes to Direct Smartphone Users to Assessments (which includes a link to a fantastic PowerPoint slideshow on using QR codes) and QR Codes for Surveys: A Perfect Fit, so I don’t need to repeat how useful they are in this blog. What I will do is show you just how easy it is to set up a QR code that launches an assessment, and how easy it is for a participant to launch an assessment from a mobile device using a QR code.
In this video I have used Authoring Manager to generate a URL to launch a simple quiz last December. It’s an open access quiz, and I’ve added “&name=holiday” to the end of the URL string so that the user doesn’t have to provide a name at the Open Access portal: they’ll be taken straight into the quiz.
Watch the video to learn how to turn the URL into a QR code graphic, and what the experience is like for a user accessing the quiz via the QR code!