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Posted by Julie Delazyn

The processes organizations use to build assessments can have a big impact on the quality of the assessments themselves.
Tom Metzler, Knowledge Assessment Administrator at TIBCO Software, Inc., explored this point during the Questionmark 2013 Users Conference, and we’re happy to share handouts from his presentation on Achieving a Better Assessment-Development Process.
Tom spoke from experience! TIBCO’s certification team uses well-established software architecture methods principles to continually improve the efficiency of its assessment development process. Tom told how the team’s systematic approach helps save time and provides better information for subject matter experts. He explained how better processes result in better assessments, discussed the value of reusable components, and shared architectural models that you can be adapted for use by other organizations.
This is just one example of what people learn about at our Users Conferences. Registration is already open for the 2014 Users Conference March 4 – 7 in San Antonio, Texas. Plan to be there!