Here I am (on the right) with fellow Questionmark staff members Anthony Harvey (Solutions Architect), Kate Soper (European Trainer), Ivan Forward (Sales Manager) at the Manchester briefing. Our London briefing was the next day, and our final stop on May 19th will be in Edinburgh.

sarah-smallPosted By Sarah Elkins

This week I’ve been to Manchester and London for the 2009 UK Breakfast Briefings and met with many Questionmark Perception Users and assessment professionals.
We’ve had some great feedback about the latest products and features, including the enhanced participant experience and the translation management capabilities. It’s been fantastic to see so many people get together and share their knowledge of online assessments.

We’ve also seen some great applications of assessments, including a secondary school that found a significant increase in learning retention when students were not only quizzed on what they had learned but also were asked to create the questions themselves. The students actually became the subject matter experts (SMEs) for the assessments!
Next week we’re off to Edinburgh for the final UK Briefing on May 19th. If you’d like to join us, please just register on the website.