Posted by John Kleeman

What’s different when you present a course evaluation survey on a mobile phone rather than on a desktop computer or paper?
Since many delegates to a course or event will have Internet mobile phones, it can be great to give a course evaluation survey at the end of the event and get rapid and immediate feedback. Or you can hand out iPod Touch devices for people to use to answer a survey at the venue.
Here are some good practice suggestions when you are doing such course evaluation or level 1 surveys. questionmarkitouchscreenshot

  • Use a short survey (e.g. 5 to 10 questions). People are on the move and won’t bother with a long survey.
  • Limit open-ended questions as people don’t type a lot on mobiles.
  • Keep question stimulus and any explanation text brief so that each question will fit on the page, without scrolling.
  • Use simple item types like Likert Scale.
  • Avoid Flash – it doesn’t work on Apple mobile phones.
  • Keep bandwidth usage low by avoiding large graphics. Not everyone has an unlimited data plan, and it could be costing them to take your survey.
  • Devote the screen real estate to showing the questions, keep branding and frills to a minimum.
  • If possible, use an app like Questionmark’s Apps for Apple or Android devices, which allows participants to easily access  course evaluations along with other assessments scheduled for them.

For another article on course evaluation surveys, see Greg Pope’s blog article on how to get better response rates from course evaluation surveys.