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Posted by Julie Delazyn
From videos to SlideShare presentations, we use this blog to share research findings, best practices and success stories related to assessment and measurement.
But what do you think of the subjects we cover?
We took a look to see the five most requested posts in this past year. Here they are, in no particular order:
12 Tips for Writing Good Test Questions
With so much to remember about writing effective test questions, this post makes it easy to focus on what’s important.
Use a survey with feedback to aid student retention
Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman shares a success story about how students at the University of Glamorgan in Wales answer questions about aspects of their studying and receive feedback to help them improve. He describes how and “Early Days” exercise for new students and a “Study Health Check Exercise” for all students help avoid situations that can lead to drop-out.
Being a Good SME Wrangler
Questionmark Product Manager Jim Farrell talks about how important it is for instructional designers to empower subject matter experts (SMEs) to transfer their knowledge and to involve them in creating deliverables to be used by their peers. He considers how Questionmark Live can help learning professionals foster successful relationships with SMEs by making it easy to harvest content from them.

Golden Topics: Making success on key topics essential for passing a test

This post takes a look at why some topics can be more important than others and how testing should reflect that fact. It also explains how to set up tests that require participants to achieve a particular score on critical topics as well as a passing score on the entire test.

Timing is Everything: Using psychology research to make your assessments more effective

John Kleeman offers a SlideShare presentation that will help you learn about psychology research and how you can apply it to improve your use of assessments.