julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

We can hardly imagine navigating through our daily tasks without social technologies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. We constantly use them to connect with colleagues and share information – activities that hold a lot of value for learning and assessment communities as well as for individuals! But how do these networks communicate data and information in ways that seems so effortless?
Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd’s latest blog post, Open Standards, notes how interoperability standards enable us to log in safely to our accounts, work with apps and send information back and forth. He describes several important elements that are defined by open standards:

  • Data
  • Signatures
  • Orchestration
  • Transfer Protocol
  • Wire Line Transport

To illustrate the value of these technologies, Eric highlights OpenID and OAuth and muses on the capabilities these open standards can bring to the world of learning and assessment.
If these and other topics about assessment and learning interest you, check out Eric’s blog .