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Chloe Mendonca

Posted by Chloe Mendonca

What’s the big deal about assessments anyway? Though they’ve been around for decades, the assessment and eLearning industry is showing no sign of slowing down. Organisations large and small are using a wide variety of assessment types to measure knowledge, skills, abilities, personality and more.
Join us for one of our upcoming 60-minute webinars and discover the tools, technologies and processes organisations are using worldwide to increase the effectiveness of their assessment programs.
How to transform recruitment and hiring with online testing
This webinar, presented by Dr. Glen Budgell, Senior Strategic HR Advisor at Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG), will discuss the importance and effectiveness of using online testing within HR. This is a must-attend event for anyone exploring the potential of online testing for improving recruitment.

How to Build a Highly Compliant Team in a Fast Moving Market
Organisations across highly regulated industries contend with both stringent regulatory requirements and the need for rigorous asessment programs.  With life, limb, and livelihood on the line, safety and compliance requires much more than “checking a box”. During this webinar, hosted by Questionmark and SAP we will examine ways in which organisations can use online assessment to enhance and strengthen their compliance initiatives.

Introduction to Questionmark’s Assessment Management System
Join us for a live demonstration and learn how Questionmark’s online assessment platform provides organisations with the tools to efficiently develop and deliver assessments.

You can also catch this introductory webinar in Portuguese!

Conhecendo a Questionmark e seu Portal de Gestão de Avaliações [Portuguese]