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eric_smallPosted by Eric Shepherd
I have been watching the Questionmark Blog with interest and thought that, as Questionmark’s CEO, it was about time that I made a contribution!
The Questionmark Blog was started to keep you in touch with our products, our news releases, learning materials and our Product Owners’ points of view.  We’ve been focusing on articles that assist assessment practitioners and instructional designers; recently we previewed how embedding syndicated assessments within wikis, web pages and blogs can support the learning process.
eric-tag-cloudSeparate to this initiative I have been running a personal blog (http://blog.eric.info) to bring you more abstract thoughts, observations from travels, and distillations of conversations that I’ve enjoyed along the way.  Not surprisingly the Tag Cloud quickly shows what I blog about, Assessments, Books, Travel and Questionmark.  Here are some links that you might find interesting:
•    Recent article on Learning Environments that explains how systems are now being built around Single Sign-on Portals, Wikis, Blogs and Data Warehouses
•    Questionmark Live – Story Behind the Story
•    Assessments Fundamentals with articles on Fidelity of an Assessment, Blooms Taxonomy, Item Analysis,   Types Of Assessments (Formative, Diagnostic, Summative, and Surveys), and many more.
•    A couple of YouTube videos, one titled Assessment as they relate to Learning Professionals
•    My Favorite Books , which relate to mostly to best practices in management and assessments. I’ll be posting more as I get time.
I look forward to meeting you out in the web 2.0 world!