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Posted by Julie Delazyn
If people already know something well, then teaching them about it is a waste of resources and motivation. That’s where “testing out” comes in. Diagnostic tests can provide a way of identifying what employees know and determining if they need further training.
Offering training needs assessments enables employees who can demonstrate that they already understand a subject to “test out” of unnecessary training on it. This saves time for both training departments and employees. And, of course, that translates into cost savings, too. At the Questionmark 2011 Users Conference, for instance, a large accountancy firm reported saving more than 500 hours of training thanks to a diagnostic test, with savings of more than US$40,000.
Is testing out a supported practice? A Training Room article by Meg Sczyrba in the American Banking Association Bank Compliance magazine reported a consensus among several US regulators about the acceptability of testing out, provided the testing program is well-structured.
To read more about effective ways to use diagnostic and other types of assessments in the context of compliance, check out our white paper: The Role of Assessments in Mitigating Risk for Financial Services Organizations. You can download it free here, after login.