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We have some new web seminars coming up for those of you who want to go into more detail on particular aspects of using Questionmark Perception.

From Item Banking to Content Harvesting: Authoring in Questionmark 
infoPerception — May 7th at 3 p.m. EDT

  • This webinar will demonstrate the use of different authoring tools to author questions for use in surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Questions from the various sources will be assembled into a sample assessments, which will then be taken online. Figure out which tools are the most practical for you and how to make them work together to produce assessments quickly and easily.

Analyzing and Sharing Assessment Results with Questionmark Enterprise Reporter — May 20th at 3 p.m. EDT

  • This session explains each of Perception’s 12 standard reports and the data and statistics they contain. Join us to learn how use templates to help you create reports easily and to learn about the various filter options you can use.

We have two seminars scheduled for Thursday, April 16th:
Overview of New Features in Perception v4.4 , set for 11 a.m. EDT in the U.S.

  • Includes several live demonstrations and gives you the opportunity to ask questions about them.

Beyond Multiple Choice: Nine Ways to Leverage Technology for Better Assessments at 10 a.m. BST in the U.K.

  • Will explore the role of assessments in measuring people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes. Join us to learn techniques for creating effective assessments that will help improve performance, manage workforce competencies, and ensure regulatory compliance.

We continue with a full schedule of introductory webinars for beginners. You can learn more and register for the webinar of your choice  at the following links:
US Webinar Schedule
UK Webinar Schedule