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Headshot JuliePosted by Julie Delazyn
The impact of assessments on learning is something Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman has written about extensively in this blog. He has explained psychology research that demonstrates the importance of retrieval practice – including taking formative quizzes with feedback — as an efficient way of retaining learning for the long term.
John has been focusing lately on what the effective use of feedback can bring to assessments, and he shared what he’s been learning during a presentation at the Questionmark Users Conference on Assessment Feedback – What Can We Learn from Psychology Research?

In this SlideShare presentation, John Kleeman explains how assessments and feedback can influence learning and offers some good practice recommendations.
For more on this theme, check out John’s conversation with Dr. Douglas Larsen, an expert in medical education at the Washington University in St Louis, about Dr. Larsen’s research on how tests and quizzes taken during learning aid learning and retention in medical education. You can also click here to read John’s post about ten benefits of quizzes and tests in educational practice.