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john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

How well do you know the history of assessment? Did you know, for instance, that the Likert scale, used for surveys in which respondents specify their level of agreement (.e.g., Agree / Neither Agree nor Disagree / Disagree) to various statements, was invented only 80 years ago?
Here is a short 8-question summer quiz on the history of assessment. I hope you enjoy it.

As with all assessments in Questionmark Perception version 5, this assessment auto-senses and auto-sizes to fit the device, page-size or frame it’s on. The assessment you see here is embedded in the blog page. If you want to see the assessment in a different size, try calling the same URL (www.questionmark.com/go/ahistory) directly from your browser and you’ll see that the Next and Submit buttons and other screen furniture will size themselves to fit the screen you are on.
Some day, all assessments will be like this.