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Austin Fossey-42Posted by Austin Fossey
The Questionmark Product Team is off to the 2014 Users Conference! We had a great time last night at the opening reception and are ready now to launch into the conference program.
A major theme this year is “setting your data free!” — so I wanted to give you a little taste of how this theme relates to my presentations on reporting and analytics.
As you know from my previous posts, we have implemented the OData API, which connects your raw assessment data (the same data driving Questionmark Analytics) to a whole ecosystem of business intelligence tools, custom dashboards, statistical packages, and even common desktop applications like Excel and web browsers. At this year’s conference, we will talk about how OData can be a tool for freeing those data for users of all types. Be sure to check out my OData session, where we will be running through examples using Excel with the PowerPivot add-in.
night riverBut, when we free our data, we want to make sure we are putting good, quality, meaningful data out there for our stakeholders so that they make valid inferences about the participants and the assessments. I will be doing two presentations related to this topic. In one, we will talk about understanding assessment results, with a focus on the classical test theory model and its applications for evaluation assessment quality with item statistics. In the second presentation, we will talk about principles of psychometrics and measurement design, where we will discuss validity studies and how principled test development frameworks like evidence-centered design can help us build better assessments that produce actionable data.
I’m pleased to see everyone in San Antonio and expect to be talking a lot about how we can set data free to make a powerful impact for stakeholders!