Sector-specific support

Whether in the private sector, public sector or academia, we have practical experience in helping customers operate more efficiently.

We help our customers make better people-based decisions, by basing them on reliable information. This helps organisations around the world, and their people, to unlock potential and perform better.

Key benefits

• Delivering tests and assessments remotely
• Assessing staff pre-hire
• Assessing a variety of skills across business function
• Testing the impact of training
• Quickly spot trends and patterns
• Secure testing for high-stakes assessments
• Creating world-class assessment content

Expertise across a range of sectors:

Financial Services

Helping financial services firm meet their compliance standards and deliver greater efficiency.


We frictionlessly integrate everything a certification body needs do deliver secure online exams into one platform.

Test publishers and awarding bodies

A flexible one-stop shop to ensure exams can be delivered under full exam conditions and anywhere in the world.


Pharmaceutical recruitment, training and compliance can all be enhanced with reliable assessments.

Technology, Media and Telecoms

Meeting the challenges of increasing compliance and delivering consistently better performance.

Professional Services

Recruiting the right candidates, boosting productivity and reducing risk.


Raising standards and delivering customer care in the utility industries.


Improving health and safety and driving efficiency in manufacturing.

Higher Education

Helping higher education institutions continue to deliver valid assessments without physical assessment centres.

Public sectors and government

Assessments and certifications that meet the highest standards of customer security.


Improving staff retention, reducing risk and increasing returns on training budgets.


Supporting e-commerce organisations to assess candidates pre-hire and recruit those with the right skills.

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