Transform recruitment through pre-employment testing

Are classic recruitment practices cutting it?

Recruitment decisions matter. Eight out of 10 hirers admit to making bad recruitment decisions.1 Thirty nine percent of them notice the error within weeks of the recruit starting.2

Employers must ensure that the successful candidate has what it takes to hit the ground running. But are classic recruitment techniques up to the task? Some 85% of candidates admit to lying on their resume or CV.3 Interviews are vulnerable to unconscious bias.

Assessing staff before they are hired through pre-employment testing can help identify applicants with the modern skills employers need.

Seek the survival skills needed in a changing world

As the world adjusts to new working and social patterns, some sectors and industries will change forever.

Experts believe the physical shopping experience will survive the new familiarity with online purchasing. But traditional retailers that seek to thrive will need a radical shake-up.

In financial services, the trend toward fintech solutions is accelerating. Some predict that the way people in professional services work, travel and communicate will change forever.

Meeting these challenges may mean bringing in workers with new skills. Relying on tried and tested recruitment techniques may not be enough.

By assessing staff before making the commitment to hire them, employers can ensure that they are recruiting people with the skills to add value and create change. Online recruitment assessments also cut down on costly mistakes.

Transform recruitment decision making with pre-employment testing software

Test skills pre-hire

Ensure that recruits have the skills to hit the ground running.
Unlike pre-hire assessments, CVs often fail to reveal a candidate’s true skill set.

Pre-screen aptitude and attitude

Assessments can show if candidates have the potential to learn about new products. They can indicate who has the right attitude to fit seamlessly into the team culture.

Create onboarding plans

A clear read of a new hire’s current experiences and skills makes it easier for managers to anticipate what will be required from an induction program.

Predict future training needs

Through understanding a candidate’s current abilities, employers can predict which skills will need to be further developed.

Identify high potential

Some tests can identify high potential candidates and predict how likely they are to rise within the business. One example is Questionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment which tests problem solving and critical thinking.

Remote recruitment

As face-to-face job interviews and test centers become harder to facilitate, employers can gain vital information while eliminating travel and observing social distancing measures.

Core features

Unlimited number of test-takers

Our pre-employment testing software can assess an unlimited number of test-takers from anywhere in the world.

Range of assessment formats

Make use of a range of assessment formats including ‘multiple choice’, ‘drag and drop’ and many more.

Instant access to results

Tests are automatically marked and results are instantly compiled. Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot.

Item analysis

Drill-down into item statistics to help understand how effective the questions being asked are. Available statistics include item difficulty p-value, high-low discrimination, item-total correlation discrimination, item-rest correlation discrimination and item reliability.

Create bespoke content

Create world-class assessment content to meet several different needs.

Secure testing

Suitable for high-stakes assessments that may need to be delivered remotely.


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