Observational Assessments enable an “observer” – such as an instructor or supervisor — to watch someone complete a task and assess the participant’s performance. This type of assessment, available in Questionmark OnDemand, provides a way to assess a participants in their everyday tasks and rate cognitive knowledge or abilities that would not normally get reflected in answers to a standard assessment. For example, an observational assessment could be used to rate areas such as skills, safety practices and adherence to required procedures.
In many cases, it’s convenient to conduct observational assessments using mobile devices, and this is easy to do using Questionmark Perception’s mobile delivery capabilities and our free Apps for Apple and Android devices.
Whether you plan to deliver an observational assessments via PC or  mobile device, here’s how to schedule it in Perception Enterprise Manager:

  • Set up a Perception administrator as a “monitor” who performs the role of observer
  • Assign participants to groups
  • Assign the monitor to administer the groups
  • Schedule the participant or a group of participants to an assessment and set it to require monitoring

The observer logs in, selects the desired assessment, chooses the participant to be rated, and then completes the assessment. Reports for the assessment will appear under the participant’s name. In addition, the name of the monitor who observed the tasks can be included in reports such as the Coaching Report, Test Analysis Report and Survey Report.
For more details observational assessments, including example applications and a video tutorial, click here.