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john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

Questionmark has just re-certified for its third year under the US government Safe Harbor scheme, and I thought I’d share a little bit with you about this scheme and why it’s helpful for Questionmark customers and stakeholders, including assessment participants.
The Safe Harbor scheme, run by the US Government Department of Commerce, enables companies to certify that they are compliant with the stringent needs of the European Union for data security. This gives comfort to customers in Europe, but is also helpful for all customers and users worldwide, as following these standards means that we look after your data very carefully. We self-certify compliance with Safe Harbor, which allows us to use this logo:Safe Harbor Certification Mark
In order to ensure that we are compliant, we have a formal data security policy which is managed by me as company Chairman. Among the measures are a classification scheme whereby all highly confidential data is registered when moved around and subjected to stringent security measures on the central IT systems of our D3 Hosting platform. Also, every Questionmark employee from our CEO Eric Shepherd on down is trained on data security and has to take and pass a test each year to check their knowledge. It’s good for us all sometimes to take tests as well as help others prepare and deliver them!
Seriously, people rely on Questionmark to ensure the integrity of their assessments and it’s important that question content is not revealed and that assessment results remain private. You can see details of our certification on the US government site here.