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The Psychology of Test Fraud

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When people cheat at tests and exams, their mindset is often similar to those that commit other types of fraud. Despite the consequences of their actions, most offenders don’t consider themselves “bad people”. They have reasons that they believe justify their actions.

Over the years, academics and criminologists have undertaken extensive research to understand why people commit financial fraud. Despite the consequences of their actions, very often perpetrators do not believe themselves to be “bad people”. They frequently have reasons that they feel justify their behavior.

The same applies to many of those that break the rules of tests and assessment. And understanding this psychology can help make test programs more secure.

This white paper will:

  • Introduce the “fraud triangle” concept, which helps explain why acts of fraud are committed
  • Explore how the fraud triangle can be applied to tests and assessments
  • Make suggestions for how test-setters can use these lessons to make assessments more secure

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