Webinar Registration – How Assessments Measure the Impact of Learning

Thursday, March 11, 2021
11:00 AM EST (New York)
4:00 PM GMT (London)

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An assessment shouldn’t just be about true or false, matching, and other basics that you see in so many learning systems. Regardless if you are a start-up or large enterprise, knowing what to seek, and analysis will show you what your learners truly know or not know. Metrics that go beyond simplicity, is a necessity in today’s business environment.

In this session, you will:

  1. Identify the metrics that are relevant to your training and learning
  2. Understand how an assessment is perceived by your employees, and how to change that based on the information you want to gather
  3. Leverage the assessment to truly identify skill gaps, strengths, and challenges; and how to utilize that insight, to provide effective learning and training content

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Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss is the CEO and Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss, Group LLC. and FindAnLMS.

Craig has been involved in the e-learning industry since the late 90’s. His experience as a former training director and manager, in creating and launching successful online learning programs including purchasing LMSs gives him a perspective rarely found with other analysts and consultants. 

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