Webinar Recording: Three Dimensions of Planning Reliable Tests and Exams

Whether you work with small-scale classroom assessments or large-scale, high-stakes assessment, understanding and applying some basic principles of item and test development will greatly enhance the reliability and defensibility of your results. Join us for a one-hour webinar which will examine three of the key dimensions of sound assessment developing practices, including:

  1. Developing test blueprints/assessment specifications
  2. Organizing assessment writers, editors and quality assurance
  3. Managing banks of questions

Co-presented with AlphaPlus, consulting partner that specializes in standards, assessment and certification, learn how to write better tests: valid in terms of the content they test, defensible for the purpose they are used for, and reliable and consistent.

We’ll address some of the most common questions that come up in planning and developing tests and exams, such as:

  • How many items do I need in my item bank?
  • How do I make sure that I’m developing comparable tests?
  • What level of detail should my assessment blueprint include?
  • How do I organize my assessment writers?

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About the Presenters:

John Winkley is AlphaPlus’ Commercial Director. He is an experienced learning and assessment entrepreneur with a track record of business growth. He has specialised in developing innovative systems for education and assessment, working with a range of public and private sector clients through the three companies he has helped to build: BTL Group Ltd (www.btl.com), Virtual College plc (www.virtual-college.com), and AlphaPlus.

AlphaPlus’ work involves developing and deploying novel solutions for curriculum, assessment and e-assessment in schools, further education, professional education and lifelong learning sectors. Projects range from large scale high stakes examinations systems and content to highly innovative approaches to formative assessment. John has spoken widely at UK and international conferences on technology and assessment.

Gavin Reynaud is an educational assessment specialist with a successful track record working in the UK and on international development and consultancy projects.

Gavin is Board Member and Executive Committee Member of the eAssessment Association (www.e-assessment.com) and has presented his work at e-assessment conferences including; The eAssessment Question, eAssessment in Practice and the eVocational conference.

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