Webinar Recording Download – Ready-Made Assessment Showcase

Ready-Made Assessment Showcase

Creating assessments takes a lot of coordinated time and effort invested by multiple stakeholders – not to mention the costs.

Employers need to know their people have the skills they need to do their jobs well and meet compliance standards. But too often it’s hard for employers to understand and analyze what skills their employees have.

Questionmark has launched a new offer of ready-made assessments to help customers identify strengths and avoid weakness and risk across the business while eliminating the time and costs associated with developing them internally.

This session will cover questions, such as:

  • What are ready-made assessments and why is Questionmark developing them?
  • What is Questionmark’s approach to assessment development?
  • What does Questionmark’s assessment offer cover?
  • How is it relevant to me?
  • How do assessments work in practice?

Presented by Paula Baciu and Sonata Ožemblauskaitė, who have been working closely on the development and release of ready-made content products. This session will help you decide whether your organization and/or team could benefit from investing in ready-made assessments, rather than developing them internally.

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