Get the Recording – An Ounce of Prevention: Proctoring and Test Security in 2020

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Get the Recording – An Ounce of Prevention: Proctoring and Test Security in 2020

Cheating undermines the integrity of test and assessments.  It makes it impossible for organizations to get a clear read of performance.  You cannot make good decisions if you cannot trust the data.  Cheating erodes confidence in the qualification or certification that the candidate is being assessed for.

Questionmark Proctoring Online

But conducting assessments remotely does not mean that test-setters must compromise security.  Depending on how high the stakes are for an assessment, a range of security measures exist to protect the integrity.  Each of these can be delivered remotely, and very often will involve proctoring (or invigilation).  There is no need to cancel crucial tests and assessments during a period of social distancing.


  • To establish the dangers of cheating and how it can undermine confidence in tests, exams and assessments
  • To explore the different kinds of cheating and security breaches
  • To explain how proctoring can sit at the heart of an anti-cheating approach
  • To address candidate and student concerns around privacy
  • To demonstrate the basic security features of the Questionmark platform such as randomized questioning and Questionmark Secure
  • To demonstrate mid-level and high-level security options such as Forensic Analysis and Proctoring Record & Review and the role of Proctoring Online

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