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The Myth of Certainty

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Every business and organization shares two recent experiences. Their 2020 business plan became redundant quickly and writing a meaningful strategy for 2021 was almost impossible.

Even the medium-term future is unknowable. How long social distancing measures will last is a mystery. No one can be sure whether new strains of Covid-19 will further disrupt daily life. How consumer habits will adjust and settle for the long-term remains impossible to predict.

These uncertainties create frustration. They also help employers realize or remember an important truth. Certainty has always been a myth. Now it is a dangerous one.

This report sets out how employers must develop business plans that anticipate the need to constantly rotate between surviving, adapting and thriving. It explains how our assessment platform and content can help employers get the information they need about their workforce to ensure that their business planning is relevant and reliable.

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