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Modern Skills for 2022

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“Change is the new constant.” It’s already become a cliché, but it continues to ring true. Business leaders across different sectors and industries agree that volatility will remain a primary business challenge in 2022.

As a result, employers must promote skills among their workforce that will enable them to manage that change. Each organization must be clear what skills they need to thrive. But knowing what they require is only half the battle.

They need real and reliable information on the prevalence of these modern skills among their workforce. Then they need development and recruitment strategies that ensure they can hold on to what they have and acquire what they need. At all times, they need evidence that these strategies are working.

This report:

  • Looks at the common skills which employers will need in 2022
  • Sets out some of the challenges to securing these among the workforce
  • Shows how assessment with the Questionmark platform can help employers obtain them

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