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Managing a Post-Pandemic Workforce

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The time has come for employers to focus on the future. New opportunities await as the global economy begins to resurge. How can employers ensure that their workforce is set up to take advantage of the opportunities that come with economic recovery?

For the last year, employers had little choice. In many cases, asking employees to work from home was the only option. Now, as governments look set to ease social distancing restrictions, employers have decisions to make.

Each employer must ensure they create the right working environment that boosts productivity, drives engagement and retains the best staff.

This report shows how measuring workforce skills through tests and assessments can:

  • Give employers the information they need to make the best decisions
  • Ensure the workforce has the up-to-date skills to be productive in their new way of working
  • Help employers explain and justify their decisions to workers, which will help retain the best staff, even if they don’t like the decision

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