Posted by Greg Pope
I am working with Dr. Bruno Zumbo, professor at the University of British Columbia, on  a research study about the beliefs of people who are waiting to take, or have taken, a certification or licensure examination.
In this initial study we want to document people’s attitudes and beliefs regarding taking these exams as well as issues in the area of certification and licensure testing. This research is designed to help certification and licensing organizations improve high-stakes exams by shedding light on test takers’ perspectives.
To complete our research, we need input from anyone who is planning to take or has already taken a certification or licensing exam. If you are a test taker we thank you in advance for answering a 35-question survey that will take 5 or 10 minutes to complete. This is an opportunity to weigh in on important issues in the testing industry. If you are a test taker, please take the survey!  If you know certification or licensing exam participants, we’d appreciate it if you could encourage them to take it too.
We will report on the results of our research this fall and appreciate your help!