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Doug Peterson HeadshotPosted By Doug Peterson
I had the good fortune of attending the Questionmark Users Conference in San Antonio, Texas a couple of weeks ago.
As required by (personal) law, I visited the Hard Rock Café for dinner on my first night in town! And let me tell you, if you missed the fresh sushi at the Grand Hyatt’s Bar Rojo, you missed something pretty doggone special.
But more special than Hard Rock visits and heavenly sushi was the chance to interact with and learn from Questionmark users. Honestly, users conferences are a  favorite part of my job. The energy, the camaraderie, the ideas – it all energizes me and helps keep me fired up!
We had a great session on Item Writing Techniques for Surveys, Quizzes and Tests. We had some wonderful conversations – I like for my sessions to be more of a conversation than a lecture – and I picked up some helpful tips and examples to work into my next presentation. For those of you who couldn’t make this session, it’s based on a couple of blog series. Check out the Writing Good Surveys series as well as the Item Writing Guide series. You’ll also want to check out Improving Multiple Choice Questions and Mastering Your Multiple Choice Questions for more thoughts on improving your multiple choice questions.
The other session I led was on using Captivate and Flash application simulations in training and assessments. As with my previous presentations on this topic, the room was packed and people were excited! During my years as a Questionmark customer, I was always impressed with the Adobe Captivate Simulation and Adobe Flash question types. I feel even more strongly about this since attending a webinar put on the other day by a fairly popular LMS. The process you have to go through to do a software simulation in one of their assessments is far too involved and complicated – it really drove home the simplicity of using the Captivate question type in Questionmark.
It really was great to see old friends and make new ones at the conference. I look forward to working with customers throughout the rest of 2014 and to seeing them again soon.