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Posted by Joan Phaup

Having admired for many years the creativity and can-do spirit of our customers, we’re pleased to announce the first-ever Questionmark Assessment Innovation Award, which we’ll present at the Questionmark Users Conference in Los Angeles next month.

For this year’s honor, we’ve chosen Accenture for their work with more than 30 internal certification programs that combine training, experience  and (of course!) assessments – mostly medium- to high- stakes online tests as well as work product evaluations and interviews.

Allison Horn

Over the past three years, Accenture has moved ahead on many fronts to grow their internal assessment development and delivery capabilities to meet the increased demand for knowledge and skill assessments while upholding high quality standards. Moving to a three-tier assessment model, the company  has modified their test development processes so that the amount of time, money and effort invested in each test is determined by its overall stakes. Foundation level programs, for instance, now require significantly less  subject matter expert time, beta testing and item analysis than master level programs. In addition to more efficient development processes, the company is using new tools to automate item and test analysis more than ever before.

On the delivery side, Accenture has begun using testing kiosks for smaller locations and adopting standard models for reporting results. They’ve also enhanced the use of their Questionmark/LMS integration to give certification candidates a more consistent, familiar end-user experience.

Allison Horn,  Senior Manager – Global HR  at Accenture, will accept the award on Accenture’s behalf  in addition to co-presenting a case study on Enabling Self-Service Reporting. Two of her colleagues will be talking at the conference about Accenture’s Tiered Assessment Model for Internal Certification.

You can see the entire list of case study presentations, peer discussions, demos, best practice presentations, product training breakouts and general sessions, by clicking here. And you can register online now!