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Posted by Chloe Mendonca

We’re excited to announce that Questionmark has been accepted as a G-Cloud 9 supplier of assessment solutions by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). These solutions can be found on the UK government’s Digital Marketplace.

What is G-Cloud?

The UK government G-Cloud streamlines the process by which public-sector bodies procure cloud-based applications. You can think of G-Cloud like a mobile app store that contains a huge range of approved, ready-to-use services and applications.
What does this mean for public-sector organisations?
If you are a UK public-sector organisation, G-Cloud makes it easier to buy Questionmark’s assessment management system by dramatically reducing the time you spend procuring services — quickly connecting you with a supplier that fits your strict requirements and budget. US public-sector organisations can procure Questionmark via a similar service, the US General Services Administration (GSA) federal supply list. Organisations outside the US and UK can take comfort in the fact that Questionmark’s platform has been vetted and approved for listing on these government service provider sites.
Questionmark has excelled for many years in delivering assessment solutions to the public sector. Being available on G-Cloud enables Questionmark to expand our offering to even more government organisations that need to create, deliver and report on tests, exams, quizzes and surveys.
Why Questionmark?
In today’s highly-regulated world, the need to effectively assess knowledge and understanding of regulations or corporate policies is critical. Organisations are now required to do more than the traditional checkbox compliance approach and must ensure that all employees or target groups understand the rules and can follow them. Failure to do so can impact life, limb and livelihood, often resulting in fines and damaged business reputations. Only by using secure assessment management technologies that seamlessly integrate with your other enterprise systems and learning management tools can organisations efficiently and effectively set up, deploy and monitor compliance.
If you’re in a public-sector organisation looking for an intuitive, scalable SaaS solution that will help you ensure regulatory compliance and measure learning, request a demo of Questionmark’s assessment management system today.