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Joan Phaup
Posted by Joan Phaup
As we close this year’s Questionmark Users Conference I am — as always — amazed at how quickly the time has gone by since we arrived in Los Angeles a few days ago.
During yesterday’s keynote address, Bryan Chapman encouraged all of us to think more strategically about the use of assessments such as surveys, quizzes and tests. He introduced several scenarios – such as inefficiencies in aircraft maintenance, deficiencies in call center service quality and the need for retail associates to communicate effectively about thousands of products – and in each case asked how assessments can help. He answered that question with some terrific examples of assessment solutions that improved performance and saved organizations time and money. He also showed how some organizations are using assessments to enhance social and informal learning, which was a key theme at this year’s conference.
Another highlight from yesterday was the presentation of our first Questionmark Assessment Innovation Award to Accenture, which runs more than 30 internal certification programs.
Our conferences are never complete without some fun, and we had plenty of that during our big dinner party Universal Studios, where everyone was a celebrity!  For more photos from the conference, check out our Flickr page.