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john_smallPosted by John Kleeman

The HR-XML Consortium is an independent organization that develops standard XML specifications to allow easier communication between human resources-related (“HR”) systems. HR-XML specifications tend to be short and to the point and easy and practical to develop for, so HR-XML has got a lot of traction over the years as a good vehicle for communication between different HR software systems. Questionmark is pleased to be a member of HR-XML.
Happy Birthday to HR-XML! HR-XML is celebrating its 10th anniversary on 2nd October at a luncheon at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago.
Questionmark has supported HR-XML in Questionmark Perception since 2005 and been certified by HR-XML to validate our conformance. Our support consists of providing a web services API within QMWISe that exports a Questionmark assessment result in HR-XML format. This allows other systems that can read HR-XML to easily process assessment results.
The example piece of Perception HR-XML output below shows that Jane Smith has taken a Microsoft Office Skills Test and passed it with a score of 85%. The XML also includes her topic scores, the date she took the test and the Questionmark result ID in case more information is needed. It’s practical, short and can be read by a person as well as by a computer.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AssessmentResult xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns="http://ns.hr-xml.org/2004-08-02">
<ClientId idOwner="Questionmark">
<IdValue name="LicenseID">41025000000000001437</IdValue>
<IdValue name="Participant">Jane Smith</IdValue>
<IdValue name="Assessment">Microsoft Office Skills Test</IdValue>
<IdValue name="ResultID">20438508</IdValue>
<Score type="percentile">85</Score>
<Comments> </Comments>
<Description>Microsoft Office\Word</Description>
<Score type="percentile">80</Score>
<Description>Microsoft Office\Powerpoint</Description>
<Score type="percentile">80</Score>
<Description>Microsoft Office\Excel</Description>
<Score type="percentile">100</Score>
<Description>Microsoft Office\Outlook</Description>
<Score type="percentile">80</Score>
<UserArea />

HR-XML Consortium certification specialists validate the structure and meaning of sample data in order to provide a certification. Information about certification and a list of certified vendors like Questionmark is available at http://www.hrcertify.org/ Certified organizations need to re-certify every two years to ensure software still meets the standard.
I’m pleased to let you know that Questionmark has just completed its re-certification (see here for details). I’d encourage anyone looking for a simple assessment results exchange format to look at HR-XML because it’s simple, practical … and of course Questionmark supports it.