Posted by John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director

One reason I got into the assessment business and one reason I feel passionately that the assessment community is a force for good in the world is that tests and exams promote fairness and openness. Assessments allow people of any gender, race or class and those who would otherwise be disadvantaged to show their potential.

If a valid, reliable and fair assessments are used to recruit or select, then anyone in the world can show their capability and our society becomes a better place; there is less chance of someone getting a position just because they give a good interview, know the right people or even went to the right school or university.

That’s why I’m very proud to share that Questionmark is bringing one of the world’s leading admissions tests to a wider audience. The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), from Cambridge Assessment is a test that measures critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Thinking Skills Assessment has historically been used primarily for university admissions – it’s used by both Cambridge and Oxford University for instance. In partnership with Cambridge Assessment, we are bringing a version of this test, the Questionmark Thinking Skills test to a wider audience. Our partnership with Cambridge Assessment allows Questionmark to offer this for use by other organizations – including companies or government agencies selecting for graduate or other recruitment, for use in identifying high potential employees or scholarship candidates or for other universities who want to use this test.

Critical thinking and problem solving are two of the most important workplace skills. I’m sure we can all of us think of colleagues who demonstrate these skills daily and how valuable they are to our organization. Indeed, the World Economic Forum 2016 future of jobs report suggested that problem solving and critical thinking would be the two most important workplace skills, as shown in the table below.

By making it available on our technology and to our customers, many more organizations round the world will have the opportunity to fairly and openly identify individuals with high potential and capability.

You can see more details of the QM Thinking Skills test at and please visit if you would like a conversation or demo to see if this test might be of interest to your organization.