Doug Peterson HeadshotPosted By Doug Peterson
You might recall that Questionmark Live has a built-in math formula editor (if not, check it out here). Did you know that Questionmark Live also includes a LaTeX formula editor?
LaTeX (yes, it is properly spelled with a mixture of upper and lower-case letters, and is pronounced lay-tek) is a “document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is most often used for medium-to-large technical or scientific documents…” (retrieved 29 January 2013). You can think of it as kind of a markup language, like HTML on steroids. As it is used mainly for technical or scientific documents, it is very powerful when it comes to math and science formulas.
LaTeX is especially popular in the world of higher education, which includes a number of Questionmark customers. To meet the needs of those who prefer to create their math formulas in LaTeX, Questionmark Live offers a LaTeX editor. In any text area such as the question stimulus or a choice, simply place your cursor where you want the formula to appear and click the LaTeX Editor button in the text editing toolbar.
LaTex 1Enter your LaTeX code in the Questionmark LaTeX Editor dialog and click the OK button.

LaTex 2

Your LaTeX formula is converted into a graphic and inserted in the text area!

LaTex 3To make changes to your formula, simply double-click the graphic. The Questionmark LaTeX Editor will open and display your original LaTeX formula for editing.

You can read about LaTeX at Wikipedia or at the LaTeX Project site. Please keep in mind that the Questionmark LaTeX editor only recognizes the subset of LaTeX markup pertaining to math formulas.
You can learn more about this and other developments at the Questionmark Users Conference in Baltimore March 3 -6. Click here to register.