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Jim Farrell HeadshotPosted by Jim Farrell
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.
Typically I come to you telling you about amazing new features, but this time I want to talk about the number of items created in Questionmark Live over the past year.
Let me set the stage. We started the year with approximately 30,000 questions being created in Questionmark Live each month.
As part of the team that gave birth to our newest authoring tool, I was over the moon about his strong start. This proved to me that the features we were releasing were helping people build up their item banks. I was excited enough as it was, but then came September, October and November.
September saw or most impressive increase in usage. More than 97,000 questions were created — almost 100,000 questions in just one month.
October followed with more than 74,000 questions –- including more than   20,000 questions on October 16th alone. This is the number our development teams were most excited about: 20,000 questions!  And the system ran flawlessly, speaking to the scalability of the software and the OnDemand Platform.
November proved that the usage was legitimate. More than 121,000 questions were created that month.
It’s clear now that Questionmark Live is the preferred authoring tool among Questionmark users — with ease of use and scalability as its foundation.
You didn’t think I would end without talking about something new, did you?
I can’t resist telling you that you no longer need to approve authors to have access to Questionmark Live. Anyone with a valid Questionmark Communities account can gain access to Questionmark Live. We hope this makes it easier for you to crowd- source content within your organization and write good questions to solve real business problems.
The Questionmark 2014 Users Conference will include bring-your-own-laptop sessions on Creating Items and Topics as well as Collaborative Assessment Authoring in Questionmark Live. The early-bird registration discount of $200 is available through tomorrow December 12th, so sign up now!