There may be times when you want to give test participants access to a certain tool or resource: a calculator or a periodic table, for instance. Or maybe you are giving an open book test about policies and procedures and wish to make a PDF available for participants to refer to.
You can provide these types of resources within your assessments within Perception Authoring Manager. Use the question-by-question (QxQ) template and enable Perception’s Assessment Navigator, which allows participants to move easily from one question to another.
Here are a few rules of thumb for providing tools within assessments:

  • Any tools that you use must be web based or accessible via a network from the computer the participant is using. If you are adding more than one tool, each tool will display in the same order as it appears in the template.
  • The Questionmark Perception version 5 repository comes with a calculator tool that can be enabled or disabled in the template. Other tools can be stored as a resource and added to the repository.
  • You can add third-party tools to assessments, too. These tools are not stored directly in the repository but can be accessed via the Internet or network the participant’s computer is connected to.