Questionmark discounts proctoring service to help keep exams going

TRUMBULL, CT — September 10, 2020 — Universities and colleges need a ‘plan B’ for delivering teaching and assessments.  Despite best intentions, social distancing among students may be difficult to enforce. 

To help institutions prepare for every outcome, Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is discounting one of its proctoring services.  This service makes it easier to protect online exams from cheating.

Across the world, many universities have reopened their doors in a bid to keep learning going.  While distancing measures can be enforced in lecture halls and study areas, disrupting large social gatherings on campus may be proving more difficult.  Many universities are reporting new Covid-19 infections.  Campus life and socializing could be one of the reasons behind the rise.[1]

Questionmark is offering higher education institutions unlimited use of its ‘Record and Review’ service for a flat fee until the end of January 2021.  This will help give universities confidence that they can quickly move assessments online should social distancing prevent physical exams.

Questionmark Record and Review records the assessment taking place.  It flags anomalies for future analysis.  These might include irregular head movement, or two heads appearing in front of the screen, which could indicate suspicious behavior.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can scan the test-taker’s face and tell the test-setter that footage of the test should be reviewed. 

Lars Pedersen, CEO at Questionmark said: “Despite best efforts to fully reopen, circumstances might force institutions to rethink how they deliver learning and exams.   When social distancing was introduced earlier in the year, people understood that crucial exams had to be canceled.  But with more time to prepare, people will expect colleges and universities to have a ‘plan B’ the second time around.

“Questionmark Record and Review helps test-setters guard against cheating by recording the exam taking place and flagging any anomalies that need to be reviewed.  If social distancing measures become more stringent, it will help course leaders assess the progress that students are making.”

The offer runs until January 31st, 2021.  To take advantage of the offer of unlimited use, email